From the age of two, I have been involved in acrobatic sport. I was first placed in a “mommy and me” class after showing signs of an abundance of energy and physical skill. From that point onward I continued to work my way through recreational gymnastics programs at the Calgary Gymnastics Club. At age six, I began training artistic gymnastics at a pre-competitive level at the University of Calgary. Eventually, after some attempts of quitting gymnastics all together, I began training acrobatic gymnastics at Calgary Acro. From the age of eight to the age of fourteen, I trained, traveled, and competed with this club. When my career as an acrobatic gymnast had come to an end, I once again found myself in the world of recreational gymnastics, and boredom. I began going to the Flip Factory and enrolled in an adult aerials class (as my skill level was too advanced for the classes for my own age) and was coached by Tyler Ayres. I was quickly swept under his wing and began training contortion, hand balancing, hand to hand, and aerial. I performed as a developmental artist of TADA (Tyler Ayres’ Dance and Aerial) and gained experience and a reputation as a talented entertainer. I am now transitioning from a developmental artist to becoming a professional circus artist.