Welcome to Pretty Much Professional

This blog is dedicated to following Ava Cochlan’s journey in becoming a professional Circus Artist and recognized social media influence. 

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ava Cochlan and I am an aspiring circus artist and blogger. I am proudly Canadian, and was extremely fortunate to be able to represent my country at the World Age Group competition in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, in 2012; as well as in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2011. I competed in these marvelous places as well as others due to my involvement in Acrobatic gymnastics (also called sports acro, or acro gymnastics). I trained and competed in acrobatic gymnastics from age 8, up until age 14. At that point I began doing Circus arts, in the form of hand balancing, contortion, hand to hand, and aerial; in which I have been training and performing in ever since. I look forward to continuing my passion professionally , and sharing it with my online viewers.


An (Attempted) Peaceful Transition

For those of you who know me, have heard of me, or are related to me (hi mom!) you know that lately my social media pages, most notably Facebook and Instagram, have been exploding with content and photos. You may be wondering “why all the fuss surrounding suddenly sharing her entire life on the internet?”. Well, to tell the absolute truth, I am combating the idea that one day, when I am no longer flexible, young, pretty, and interesting; that I may have to invest in an education and a REAL job. “That’s it? No extensive explanation on how she needs her legacy to live on through all corners of the internet?”. Yes. That’s it. I simply do not want my amazing, fantastic, and upside down life to result in an immediate end, and sudden introduction to a desk job.

On April 14th at 9:07am, whilst aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, I was exposed to a video that forever changed my view on how I maybe, just possibly, might be able to continue my experiences after my acts are no longer able to be performed. This video was titled “HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD FULL TIME” (I will admit that the excessively bold letters followed by ‘listen carefully’, fully drew my attention). The video was produced by Nathan Buchan, a travel blogger more popularly known by the name of ‘World Nate’ on social media. After watching the entire nine minute and twenty eight second video, I immediately signed up for the Webinar, and began building my social media presence. And thus, begins my (attempt at a) peaceful transition from family Facebook fame, to renown social media force.